Our people

We work together for everyone’s safety.

Safety and sustainability


GESAN’s safety policy focuses on preventing accidents and incidents at our installations. Our efforts are focussed on promoting a preventive culture throughout the entire workplace.

The development of the most efficient preventive and reactive measures and the implementation of an integrated management system contribute to creating a safe working environment where our professionals can carry out their work with confidence.


As an organisation in continuous development, at GESAN we believe in the importance of perfecting an activity that is responsible and committed not only to the environment but to society as a whole.

Therefore the purpose of our activity is to satisfy the needs of the current generation without compromising the potential requirements of future generations, , through sustainable growth aimed at achieving a common good.

''Zero Accidents'' Safety Programme

The management and workers of GRUPOS ELECTRÓGENOS EUROPA S.A. have opted to adopt the ''ZERO ACCIDENTS'' programme of the Instituto de Seguridad y Salud Laboral de Aragón (Health and Safety Institute of Aragon) as a tool for achieving the programme’s objective; in other words, zero accidents. It consists in applying continuous improvement methodology in preventing occupational hazards, by raising awareness and involving all members of the organisation as well as improving the information and communication with the workers.

The results of this programme, thanks to the collaboration of all personnel, have been very positive, an example being that it is more than a year since any accidents have resulted in time off work. It also offers other advantages such as simplifying the work for the certifying our management system in line with OHSAS standard 18001, which we also hold.